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Commercial Solar PV

At Anslow Enterprises we specialise in high quality commercial solar installations. This includes Roof Mounted, Ground Mounted and Solar Trackers. Typical project sizes are 10kw to 500kw. Customers currently enjoy simple paybacks as fast as 5 years or a simple return on investment of 20% due to the government's index-linked 20 year Feed In Tariff (FIT).

Utility Scale Solar PV

We also work in conjunction with Push Energy on utility scale projects. These are typically from 1MW to 50MW+ in size. Whilst land area can vary, it is typical for 1MW to need 4 acres of land. Land owners receive a guaranteed, index linked, minimum rent and a share of the income stream of the project for leasing their land.

LED Lighting Systems

In an area with rapidly changing technology and widely varied quality we have a number of LED solutions for commercial environments that have been heavily researched and trialled. In some situations energy saving can deliver a simple payback on the capital outlay of less than 3 years. LED lighting is often associated with being a harsh glaring blue light however we have fittings specifically designed to provide natural coloured non-glaring light that is suitable for environments such as hospitals and retail shops.