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About Us

Anslow Enterprises was founded by Jonathan Thompstone after three years involvement in commercial solar PV totalling towards 100 projects, ranging in size from 8kW to 200kW+.

Jonathan has built 9 commercial sized PV arrays on his home farm. He is also involved in the development of utility scale solar projects, some of over 20MW (20,000kW) in size. This enables the professional, long term, low risk returns of well designed utility scale projects to be delivered to smaller commercial installations.

Our honest and open approach ensures customers are fully aware of all aspects of their renewable energy project and benefit from our continued commitment to provide a personal and efficient service. Our focus is to maximise the rate of return our projects deliver to our clients and minimise investment risk, by greater electricity generation through high quality design and components.

Every customer's site, business and circumstance is different. Advise is provided from the outset regarding the project structure with the aim of maximising returns.